Publications and Articles of Interest

In addition, KAGW offers publications and articles on a variety of topics of interest to our clients.

These  include Tax Mistakes vs. Willfull Acts, sorting out the Language of Business-Accounting and How to Lower Your Income Tax Preparation Fees, as well as other articles on tax planning strategies.

The articles are also in PDF format, and you may click here to access them.

Topics of Interest ...

Steven Y.C. Kang, CPA, KAGW. LLP, has written articles for Apartment Age covering a variety of topics of interest to businesses and individuals.


The articles are in PDF format and the topics include:


Other Articles of Interest ...

Articles examine tax planning strategies

Understanding Deferred Income

Accelerating Deductions

Income & Expenses

In the three articles shown above, Steven Y.C. Kang, CPA, KAGW, LLP, looks at tax planning strategies. The general categories are deferring income, accelerating deductions and changing the character of income. The articles are in PDF format and are available by clicking on the images above.

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